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Photo: Sandi Sumner, relaxing after a snow storm in Alaska, leaning on the fuselage of her friend Karen della Cioppa's airplane.

Sandi relaxes after recovering from a fall on fresh snow. She believes Joe Knapp was right when he said, "Wake up with a smile and go after life. . .Live it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it, feel it."

Appearances and Workshops

2011 --

Spring release of nonfiction book "Alaska Women's Journey", the story of women climbing Denali and Mt. Everest.

"Wheels Up", the sequel to "Women Pilots of Alaska", released in March, 2011. Included are stories of pilots including Colonel Julia Grimes, ret'd Director of the Alaska State Troopers; Lt. Col. Samantha Weeks, Air Force Thunderbird pilot; Evelyn Galus, LifeMed pilot in Alaska; Claire McCann, air taxi owner/operator in Homer, Alaska; Christine Dunning, UPS pilot for 20 years; Erika Bennett, Alaskan pilot who tells why it's important to file a flight plan; and other amazing adventuresome women pilots. Updates from a dozen women featured in the first book are also part of Wheels Up.

Summer of 2011, look for a fiction novel about adoption and reunion by this busy author, titled "No Regrets".

April 30 & May 1 -- Attend the annual Alaska Airmen's Expo at the FedEx hangar and tarmac to meet with pilots from all over the world. Sandi will be available at the Ninety-Nines booth to sign books and answer questions.
At 3:00 PM on Sunday she will give a power point visual presentation upstairs in the FedEx hangar and everyone is welcome. This is going to be a celebration of 100 years that women in the U. S. have been flying.

May 3 -- Sandi will meet with students in the aviation program at the University of Alaska, along with UPS pilot Christine Dunning, and Dee Rice, FAA Inspector, Alaska pilot for 30 years, to inspire and encourage the students to chase their dreams too.

May 11 -- Joint meeting of the Alaska Chapter of 99s and Zonta Club, who share Amelia Earhart, a charter member of both organizations. Sandi will give a power point presentation. La Cabana restaurant in Anchorage, 6:00 P.M.
Mexican buffet, $16.50 per person. Make your email reservation to champlane (no later than 5/7/11 please).

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Feedback comments from Sandi's writing workshops in 2007, 2008 and 2009:

* I was so inspired by Sandi's workshops, I finally started writing my novel that I put off starting for years and years!

* The class was well organized and your (Sandi) energy and enthusiasm for writing was contagious!

* Commenting on the session about how to get published, this participant said: "Perfect - succinct!"

* It was fantastic! I learned so much -- now I just have to process all of it. I am inspired to get started now!

* The handouts were very helpful. I can always refer to them.

* The writing exercises got my creative juices going!

* Great program, Sandi. Good "hands on" exercises.

* Took me out of my comfort zone.

* Like that we have plenty of time to share our writing.

* Handouts are very helpful.

* Class is lively; thought provoking.

* This is a great class.

* Once again, the workshop time went too fast, a sure sign for me that you maintained my interest and taught me well.

* Good even voice (Sumner)-- makes class fun and exciting -- no judgments -- open to ideas.

* Very professional.

* Class meets my expectations. I LOVE IT!

"Nothing is worth more than this day."
-----Johann von Goethe


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