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Alaska's Women Adventurers
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Photo: Denali. Alaska aviation writer Sandi Sumner is the author of Alaska's women Pilots

Denali, "The Great One" is what Native Alaskans call 20,320 foot Mt. McKinley. A mountain that attracts climbers from around the world between the end of April and July.

Dare to Dream,
Dare to Try


"Enthusiasm moves the world." ---- J. Balfour

This photo page is dedicated to the women who took to the air, risking everything to feel the thrill of being airborne, as well as the women who risked their lives on Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and other mountains around the world. These women have shown by example that anything in life is possible if the desire overrides the fear.

Diane Okonek with a harness, backpack and ropes, prepared for Denali (photograph by Brian Okonek) Brad & Barbara Washburn Merrick Johnston, age 12, on Denali Erika Bennett
Major Samantha Weeks Claire McCann Jacquie Biloff Col. Julia Grimes
Marvel Crosson Ruth Jefford
high altitude campers Jenny Magee Marlene Titus
Pictured from top left, in the first row are Alaska climbers Diane Okonek, Barbara Washburn (with Brad Washburn), Merrick Johnston (age 12, on Denali), and Erika Bennett, pilot. Second row: Major Samantha Weeks, Claire McCann, Jacquie Biloff, and Col. Julia Grimes. Third row: Marvel Crosson, Photos of Mt. McKinley, and Ruth Jefford. Fourth row: Denali guide Winslow Passey, high-altitude campers, Jenny Magee, and Marlene Titus.

It could be said of those seeking Denali's summit,
"Nothing is worth more than this day." -- Johann von Goethe

And what about the dreams that still draw us into the skies today?
"The Wright brothers flew right through the smoke screen of impossibility."
-- Charles Franklin Ketterring


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