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Wheels Up by Sandi Sumner, author of Women Pilots of Alaska - an aviation history

Wheels Up, an aviation history, is the sequel to Women Pilots of Alaska. (The pilot is Dr. Leah Sommer, Pharmacist & Reno Air Race Pilot, and the mammal is "Wally," who lives across the inlet from Anchorage.)

Wheels Up, sequel to Women Pilots of Alaska
by Sandi Sumner

Book Review of "Women Pilots of Alaska" by Shana Loshbaugh, Fairbanks News Miner, April 2005.

"Sumner takes readers along on some of her interviews, conveying details and quoting anecdotes that give a vivid sense of these women as real people. She also does a fine job conveying their competence, gumption and passion for flying. . .Sumner has a knack for drawing out the people she interviews and sharing their exhilaration with readers."

The sequel, "Wheels Up" has just been released in 2011, in time for the Centennial of Women Flyers in the U.S. The Foreword is written by aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff who learned to fly at Merrill Field in Anchorage and first performed in an airshow at Gulkana, Alaska. Patty is a card-carrying member of the Alaska Chapter of 99s, the organization of women pilots international.

There are 14 individual chapters showcasing the former Director of the Alaska State Troopers; a woman-owned air taxi operator in Homer, Alaska; a pilot who flew for various carriers in Alaska before agreeing to make the world's longest commute to fly for the United Nations in Africa; a Commanding Officer who pilots Black Hawk aircraft for the Alaska Army Guard; a Lt. Col with the United States Air Force who flew with the Thunderbird team around the world in 2007 and 2008; an Alaska medevac pilot; and others who continue to pay it forward, mentoring and teaching young people about the rewards of an aviation career.

LONG OVERDUE RECOGNITION BY CONGRESS ON MARCH 10, 2010 OF W. W. II WASPS, ESPECIALLY Alaska members, Ginny Wood, Nancy Baker, Pearl Chamberlain, Celia Hunter of Fairbanks, Ellen Campbell and Ruth Reilly Bauer, of Juneau, and Margo Cook of Anchorage, who is a WASP in her heart, unable to complete training when she was injured on duty.

Ginny Hyat and Margo Cook went on to New Horizons in 2010, and their contribution to Alaska aviation will never be forgotten.

Thank you, each of you, for opening the doors for all women pilots everywhere!

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